Letting Your Children Help Plan your Vacation

Sometimes, well almost all of the time, it is easier to plan your vacation by yourself. You have a good idea of where you want to be and how much you want to spend to get there. Once you involve the rest of the family in this decision you may find that there are arguments, sulks and a budget steadily spiraling out of control. That is if you give the kids free reign by adopting a ‘where in the world shall we go’ attitude.

Give Them Options and Let Them Make a Choice.

Rather than having the kids sit with the holiday brochures, or scouring the travel sites on the internet, place some limitation on the choices that they can make. You already have a pretty good idea of where you would like to go on vacation, so with the destination in mind select a handful of resorts or areas in that location that they can then decide on. This will give them the impression that they are making the decision and that you are going along with their choices rather than you deciding everything for them. By looking at the information you give them you will be able to gauge what they will enjoy and look forward to doing when they arrive.

Where do They Want to Sleep?

So now you know your destination, but do you know where you will be sleeping when you get there? Offer you, children, a choice of hotels, outlining all of the facilities, then do the same with villas or apartments or cottages, then get them to put the best one of each selection against each other until you have a winner. Of course, with you having picked all of the selections out for them to choose between you will, of course, be keeping firm control of the vacation budget, but your kids will be thrilled that they have ‘decided’ where you will be spending your vacation this year.

Activities and Attractions

Allowing your children to examine all of the literature about where you are going will prepare them for what to expect when they get there, plus with a good idea of where they will be there is nothing stopping you setting them a little bit of homework to find out about the local area, tourist attractions, and food styles. Having everyone working together to achieve the perfect family vacation can be done if you know how.